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www.captainalatriste.com seeks to enrich the reader with the nourishing English version of the Captain Alatriste series of novels. After carrying out extensive research, it is evident from the passionate reader’s point of view that the series has been widely distributed in the Spanish language. While there is an audience for that, the English speaking community feels left out in trying to engage in the historical journey filled with adventure that the books promise to deliver.

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Promote a culture where everybody will not only be encouraged to read.

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This website aims at cultivating a positive attitude towards reading.

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This website is focused on helping readers improve their analytical skills.

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The Novel Author

Arturo Pérez-Reverte Gutiérrez was born on November 25th the year 1951 in Cartagena. He is a Spanish novelist who spent his early days working as a journalist and war correspondent for Spanish Radio and Television Corporation, a job he did for 21 years. He later took up full time writing with his first novel released in 1986.

"Reading is known to be therapeutic to some people. This is because it allows the brain to focus on one subject matter hence relaxing and relieving it off stress. "

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