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www.captainalatriste.com seeks to enrich the reader with the nourishing English version of the Captain Alatriste series of novels. After carrying out extensive research, it is evident from the passionate reader’s point of view that the series has been widely distributed in the Spanish language. While there is an audience for that, the English speaking community feels left out in trying to engage in the historical journey filled with adventure that the books promise to deliver.

Divine Mission

Promote a culture where everybody will not only be encouraged to read.

Main Goal

This website aims at cultivating a positive attitude towards reading.

Creative Strategy

This website is focused on helping readers improve their analytical skills.


To promote a culture where everybody will not only be encouraged to read, but will encourage others to read. Read everything that your hands find. There will never come a time when knowledge will stop being essential. Again everyday comes with new things to learn. Keep on increasing your knowledge. You never know when you will need it.

Welcome and enjoy the reading.
Welcome and enjoy the reading.

Basically, this website will seek to deliver a comprehensive synopsis of the novels, complete with the characters. In the present fast paced world, it has increasingly become important for individuals to chase away ignorance and replace it with worthwhile knowledge. This is exactly what this website seeks to achieve from serializing the Alatriste novels in the English language.

It is a sad state of affairs that the website strives to salvage. All is not lost though because availability and popularity of smart mobile gadgets enables users to read interesting material online. By showcasing the excellent work that author Arturo Perez-Reverte did with the Alatriste series, this website believes that both the young and older generation shall benefit immensely.

The site also aims at reaching out to that reader who has limited time and can only afford a few minutes to research on their preferred book. The site is user friendly, easy to navigate easily and conveniently. It is also compatible with numerous mobile gadgets which is an added advantage.

Cultivating A Reading Culture

Through regular reading, individuals improve their vocabulary.
Through regular reading, individuals improve their vocabulary and enhance reasoning capacity.

This website aims at cultivating a positive attitude towards reading. In essence, there are various benefits that readers gain from reading regularly. Of importance is the fact that reading develops and enhances already existing verbal and writing skills. By reading, individuals are able to sharpen their ability to spell correctly, pronounce words accordingly, and identify mistakes in written material.

This website identifies the need to improve one’s professional careers. This comes with the ability to understand both spoken and written material. This is better achieved by consistent reading. Therefore, regular readers promote their skills and competence, and increase their chances of getting better job offers.

This website is focused on helping readers improve both their analytical and critical skills. Reading exposes one to varying situations and mysteries. Out of these, they are able to keep the brain on high alert ready to think critically and analyze any occurring situation. In life today, everyone requires these skills for survival convenience. Armed with these skills, one is able to prevent many hazards that may occur as a result of lack of appropriate understanding or hurried decision making.

In this site, the reader will be able to access books from the same genre. In addition, they have been well organized in a sequential manner to ensure that the user does not miss out on any publication. To all the lovers of historical adventure, they will enjoy full time, irresistible, and totally gripping entertainment sessions from these books.

As readers embark on making this website one of their favorites, one thing that it guarantees is that their imaginative skills will be sharpened, their concentration levels will be elevated to an all time high, and stress will be a thing of the past.

Welcome and enjoy the reading!