Cast, Setting And Plot Of Captain Alatriste: The Spanish Musketeer

Viggo Mortensen is the lead actor in the movie Captain Alatriste: The Spanish Musketeer. So much work was put in place to actualize the vision of making this one of the best movies. A good number of cast and crew were involved in this Agustin Diaz Yanes directed film. Special credits go to the author Arturo Perez Reverte for releasing the publication rights and allowing movie makers to showcase his adventurous series in a film.

The Cast

Viggo Mortensen as Diego Alatriste
  • Viggo Mortensen as Diego Alatriste
  • Unax Ugalde as Inigo Balboa  the narrator and Alatriste’s personal assistant
  • Elena Anaya as Angelica de Alquézar Inigo’s mystical friend
  • Eduard Fernández as Sebastián Copons
  • Ariadna Gil as Maria de Castro
  • Eduardo Noriega as the count of Guadalmedina
  • Juan Echanove as Francisco de Quevedo
  • Antonio Dechent as Curro Garrote
  • Javier Camara as Conde Duque de Olivares
  • Pilar Lopez de Ayala as the woman of Malatesta
  • Jose Antonio Gallego as the Sheriff

Production Team

The movie was produced by a team of qualified and experienced experts. They are;

  • Executive producer Bethlehem Atienza
  • Executive produce Inigo Marco
  • Producer Antonio Cardinal
  • Produce Alvaro Augustin

Cinematography was carried out by Paco Femenia while music was provided by Roque Banos. Jose Salcedo helped the team in editing the film and production design was executed by Emilio Ardura. Boros Maria and Luis San Narciso played a major role in casting.

Alatriste movie costumes depict the Spanish medieval times.
Alatriste movie costumes depict the Spanish medieval times.

There were numerous other roles and departments where individuals of utmost qualification and noble character helped in. This saw this movie come into actualization. They include;

  • Costume design
  • Direction of art
  • Production department
  • Makeup department
  • Sound effects
  • Transport department

The Plot

Alatriste movie poster
Alatriste movie poster

The film comprehensively covers the popular bestselling series of novels by Arturo Perez Reverte. The story which happens in Spain during the 17th century is starring Viggo Mortensen. Philip IV the king then leads an evidently weak monarch whose court is marred with corruption allegations which threaten to break down his entire empire.

Among the adventures involved in this movie include a combination of hatred and love, war, betrayal, and challenges. In the midst of all these exists a man of gentle character, he is competent and loyal to the king. More about this character is contained in the Fourth Book Series. His skills are unmatched and he has not been associated with any corrupt dealings. While he cannot be described as the most righteous, his bravery cannot go unmentioned. Diego Alatriste is that man.

So far this is among the most expensive Spanish movies ever shot. It begins with a dramatic demonstration of Viggo Mortensen saving the Duke of Guadalmedina’s life, proceeds to grasp Balboa’s hand that has fallen in a trap and is almost dying. Balboa holds his hand and leaves his young son Inigo under his care before taking his final breath. Balboa’s death prompts Alatriste to return to Spain with the aim of adopting the young Inigo.

While the movie is made up of adventurous action, it involves some session of romance between Inigo the narrator who at some point plans to elope with Angelica be Alquezar his love interest. Angelica however declines the plan in its very last minute.

Maria de Castro, Alatriste's love interest.
Maria de Castro, Alatriste’s love interest.

Alatriste is romantically involved with Maria de Castro who wants him to marry her. Alatriste however has no plans of getting married. This angers Maria and she leaves him for Philip IV. In both cases, the viewer can easily decipher the presence of false emotions. Juan Echanove doubles up as Quevedo the poet and the commentator enlightening the viewer about the state of the Spanish nation.

While Mortensen plays Alatriste, the viewer is likely to notice the absence of humor in his actions. Gauging from the fact that Alatriste is opposed to being referred to as a hero, displaying humor would have made his character more charming.

The movie concludes with scenes from the Rocroi battle where Alatriste finally meets his death. The synopsis of this movie is centered on the first five novels in the captain Alatriste series. Read about the fourth book from the series.

Extracts from the remaining two books are also part of the movie.