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The captain Alatriste series of novels has increasingly become popular among many readers. Read the El Puente de los Asesinos.

The series remains among the best historical and adventurous in existence. The author Arturo Perez Reverte has dedicated his entire life to writing. This calls for continued research in order to produce the best content that appeals to his readers. In addition, his past experience as a journalist and war corresponded contributes a great deal to his understanding of his content.

The series contains 7 editions. Grab them all.
The series contains 7 editions. Grab them all!

Many of his books are written out of experience and inspiration he received from the days he spent working as a war correspondent. While his novels are personified differently, one thing that remains constant is the fact that they have been set up in the Spanish and Mediterranean region.

The series contains 7 novel editions with the first having been released in the year 1996. The final edition was published in the year 2011. Anyone can purchase them regardless of where they are in the world. Today, individuals have the convenience of accessing online shops and websites. The evolution of smart mobile gadgets means that any person can easily order for the entire series from the comfort of their homes, offices, or even on the go. Below are various areas where the series can be found.

El Capitan Alatriste

El Capitan Alatriste in different book cover.
El Capitan Alatriste in different book cover.

El capitan Alatriste is the premier edition published in 1996 with Diego Alatriste and Gualterio Malatesta as the main characters. Readers can purchase this book from Amazon and read the story of Diego Alatriste the lifelong soldier who once retired from the army due to a wound. He will indulge in swordsmanship activities at least to earn a living. However, there will come a time when even though he is hired for a huge chunk of money, he will be unable to execute the task.

Limpieza De Sangre

Limpieza de Sangre is the second edition in the Capitan Alatriste series. Published in the year 1997, it contains the story of a mystical woman found dead with a note of instructions and some coins. Purchase this book from Amazon and read on to find out who the woman was plus other adventures.

El Sol De Breda

In this edition, Inigo Balbao is a 15 year old narrator. He has mastered the art of grasping the reader’s attention by creating a visual representation in his narrations. Purchase the English edition from Amazon and the Spanish edition from Amazon to enjoy his narrations.

El Oro Del Rey

Purchase this book from Amazon, and get thrilled by the adventurous task that Alatriste and Inigo have been challenged with to rescue the King’s gold from corrupt officials.

Cavalier In The Yellow Doublet

Find out what happens when Alatriste falls in love with María Castro a pretty actress. Get the book from Amazon.

Corsarios De Levante

Inigo is now 17 years and together with his foster father have been offered a mercenary job inside a Spanish yacht. It is a journey filled with adventure and uncertainties. Buy the book from Amazon.

El Puente De Los Asesinos

Purchase this 7th edition of the Capitan Alatriste series of novels from Amazon. It will assist readers to find out whether Alatriste and his team succeed in executing the Doge of Venice.