Reasons Why You Should Read The Novel Captain Alatriste

Literature encompasses various characteristics which draws the reader towards different novel genres. The Captain Alatriste novel is a combination of fantasy, adventure, and historical fiction. Readers will find it difficult to put the novel down once they have began reading it. It has been written in a captivating and attention grabbing nature that encourages readers to keep on reading, and recommending it to their friends and family members.


Written on a Spanish background, this book describes the historical events of the country during the ancient years. It comes complete with age old images and well illustrated historical occurrences. These triggers the reader’s curiosity and desire to want to understand what exactly it is that they exemplify. For this reason, many readers will research extensively and increase their knowledge in the process.

Why It Is Important To Read The Novel

Captain Diego Alatriste
Captain Diego Alatriste, main character.

Readers are likely to discover lots of information within the book’s setup. Many readers find it more interesting to read when they are in a team. For those, researching, sharing, and exchanging views about their findings motivates them to keep on reading further. Alatriste, one of the main characters in an erstwhile soldier who due to a deteriorating wound has no choice but retire from the army.

This action, however inevitable sees him go through a period of lack of money, and his influence dwindles. The reader will be able to relate to these events that can befall any broke person. Since Alatriste needs to earn a living, he is tempted to indulge in fraudulent activities. At some point, the reader will have the notion that Alatriste is an executioner.

Far from it, Alatriste has mastered the art of being honorable in the face of adversity. He has chosen to spare the young, unarmed, and old people from the humiliating pain of suffering and does not have any intentions to execute them. While the story in this book describes the events of the Spanish Golden Age of the 17th century, the golden represents the elite class with little consideration of the poor and underprivileged generation.

Readers will be able to relate those occurrences with what the world is facing today; hence enabling them to understand that these events existed even in the ancient days long before urbanization and civilization caught up with the human species.

Gualterio Malatesta, another main character.
Gualterio Malatesta, another main character.

At one point Alatriste’s principles come under trial within the confines of his job. This time, he is in the company of Gualterio Malatesta another main character within the setup of this book. An initial plan to use some blood to scare their target is thwarted when one of their advisers alters the plan and tells them to kill their targets. The target here happens to be two heretic men of English descent. While Alatriste’s instincts seem to differ with that request, he together with his accomplice are ready to execute the murder. They have their eyes set on the handsome price they are bound to receive after accomplishing the task. However, after close scrutinization of the two men, something convinces him that they are anything but ordinary men.

He therefore, disagrees with the plan and advises his accomplice against it. In the midst of these events, Alatriste and Gualterio discover the real identity of one of the men. To their dismay, he happens to be the prince of Wales Charles Stuart, whose mission in Spain is to try his luck in marrying Princess Maria, the king’s fourth sister. Again, Alatriste is stuck in the middle of a conspiracy that the Catholic Church has inflicted. The reason is that their beliefs prevent catholic princesses from marrying heretic English men.

The talented author Pérez-Reverte
The talented author Pérez-Reverte

Pérez-Reverte has used a unique ancient style to imitate the veteran Spanish language. This style transforms the story in such an impeccable manner and makes it alluring. The readers will connect with the story right from the beginning. The fact that the events and characters are appropriately described is enough to give the reader a sense of belonging and attachment.

The story does not end with the characters and events. The writer gives the reader the benefit of reason and imagination by touching on current and future events in Spain. Additionally, readers will have the opportunity to mingle with both fictional and real characters which makes the story quite interesting.

Of notable presence are various citations of paintings by Velázquez. The writer invokes an incisive opinion when comparing the English and Spanish people. The scheme to execute Prince Charles is alluring gauging by the involvement of high profile persons within the confines of the Spanish kingdom. The writer has constructed the book and incorporated the characters in a compelling manner. Readers are likely to read it more than once.